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Coaching and editing as you write and revise your book.

Fallon Clark is a book coach, editor, and writer. She peers over her glasses with a smirk.

Get solutions to your writing or editing problems.

You don't want to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of manuscript development, I get that. I'll help you clarify your vision and goals, understand your ideal audience, define your "done," and organize your writing or editing to get you through your process.


The buddy system works, so let's use it.
I'll be your sounding board and book guide through an immersive, hands-on writing and editing adventure that will empower you to tell your story to your ideal readers the way you want to tell it by leaning into your personal style. Because writing and editing your book should be as fun as reading it will undoubtedly be. 

Finish your book with confidence.

Whether you're crafting your fiction novel or memoir, or honing your topics and narrative approach for your non-fiction book, it's easy to become overwhelmed as you write or revise. I'll remove your overwhelm and help you gain the confidence and certainty you need to finish your book.


"The best part of the collaborative relationship was the feeling that I was talking to a friend. Fallon gave me critical feedback and was always available for me to bounce ideas or thoughts off of. Her expertise and encouragement were instrumental in producing a fully proofread and print-ready product."

Catherine Tiffner, author

Writing and editing can be intimidating. That's why I put together this outcome guide. So, what would you like to get out of our time together?


Chapters that had been gathering dust were completed within days after Fallon’s manuscript evaluation and our follow-up phone call. For someone who writes fiction and fantasy, it was fantastic to find someone I connected with who read in my genre.

Lisa Rogers, author and ghostwriter

Good hands

I've more than a decade of experience in literature, project management, leadership coaching, and client advocacy.

I'm also a member of ClubEd Freelancers and hold myself to high professional standards, so you can be sure I'll handle your book with care and attention. 

Your sounding board

Working with a coach or editor doesn't have to be stressful. After all, I'm not here to judge your work. I'm here to guide you through completing your work your way.

Whether this is your first novel or you're a seasoned author, my job is to help you make your book the best it can be.

My promise to you

No editor is right for every author, so if I don't feel I can bring value to your work, I'll refer you to one of my trusted colleagues.

And if we do work together, we'll both be certain we've found a great match, which sets the tone for a positive working relationship. (And who doesn't need a little extra positivity these days?)

Let's get to know each other.
Coffee optional.

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