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Want to know if your plot works? Characters are emotionally deep enough to forge connections with readers? World is believable enough to enchant and entice? Story is immersive enough to provide an experience, rather than a way to pass the time?

Get over the writing or revision hurdles with focused feedback when and where you need it while you learn the ins and outs of building an emotionally rich and immersive story, so you can apply those skills again and again.

Together, we'll get to the heart of the story you want to tell your readers, hone your message, and turn your novel into a story that reaches your readers.

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"The best part of the collaborative relationship was the feeling that I was talking to a friend."


Fallon gave me critical feedback and was always available for me to bounce ideas or thoughts off of. Her expertise and encouragement were instrumental in producing a fully proofread and print-ready product."

Catherine Tiffner, author

Reach your readers

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Point of View

Immerse your reader.


Know who narrates your story, how much they know about it, and how much they're willing to share.

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Surprise your reader.

Know your supporting side stories, then twist them to keep the pages turning while filling any holes.

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Engage your reader.

Know how your story starts and ends and how your characters move and change within it.



Invest your reader.


Know the intended speed of your story to avoid action-scene whiplash or  putting your reader to sleep.

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Enlighten your reader.

Know what you want your reader to get from your story and how to lead them to it.

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Hooks & Hangers

Interest your reader.

Know how to keep your reader glued to the page by leaving them with questions they need to answer, 

Reach out to discuss your story

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