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Hi, I'm Fallon! *waves*

I provide story development coaching, storytelling deep-dives, and manuscript evaluations for aspiring authors of:

  • contemporary fiction

  • creative non-fiction

  • fantasy (magical realism & fairytale)

  • literary fiction

  • memoir


Through my services, you'll find confidence in your writing and revising processes and elevate what makes you and your story unique.

I love a good story and believe that writing is a skill anyone can develop with a little practice and the right person on your side. That's why I do things a little differently than most other developmental editors.​


Most developmental editors will take your manuscript, mark it up, and send it back to you a few weeks (or months) later with a report of changes to make and instructions for further edits. But after you've invested thousands of dollars into a professional edit, self-editing your story again can feel a bit like a never-ending hamster wheel of revisions. 

I want to get you off that wheel. For good.

And getting you off the wheel takes an understanding of storytelling and character development techniques. I'll help you learn, so you can apply these techniques again and again and avoid costly developmental edits. 

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Saint Michael's College and have completed several training courses through the Editorial Freelancers Association, as well as several other courses for professional development, including a course from the Noland Editing Academy. I also read craft books on the regular, and I'm a new member of Club Ed Freelancers. 

The keys to success are hard work, heart, and creativity, and I put all of those into every story path and project. Because, at the end of the day, I crave an emotional connection to the stories I read, and I want your novel or memoir to create an emotional connection for your readers.


When I’m not editing, reading, or writing, you can find me with messy hair and a do-or-die attitude battling dastardly grasshoppers in my organic backyard garden, baking with my family, or staring into the universe’s star-crusted abyss to wonder, “What if?”

Mission & Vision

You matter. Your story matters. And how you tell your story matters.

I envision a creative environment in which all authors receive the customized support they need to champion their unique voices and styles and develop their draft manuscripts into high-quality novels.


I'm a dreamer on a mission to deliver reader-focused and author-kind editorial services and advice to ensure well-developed stories that speak about the challenges and triumphs of figuring out and following one's dreams. 

When you work with me, I won't limit your creativity to the cookie-cutter plot-focused story recipe most traditional publishers require. Instead, you get to tell your story your way. It's that simple.

I'm Reading...

I'm Writing...

Flash Fiction Magazine, The Witch (forthcoming, June 2023)

Published Works

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