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Coaching and editing for fiction and creative non-fiction writers and memoirists.


“Fallon took the time to learn about my characters, knew exactly what questions to ask or things to suggest to create order out of my chaos, and made me feel at ease talking about a story that means quite a bit to me. I’m so glad I reached out to her for help because I came away feeling re-energized about my project and confident that I can finally get it down on paper.”

Kaylin Brian, editor and author

Book Outline

Get the thoughts in your head onto paper so you can write.

If you're an organized writer who likes to know where you're going before you put pen to paper and start moving, a book outline is foundational to your organization process. A book outline comes before your first draft and is used as a roadmap for your entire writing process.


Book outlines serve fiction novels and non-fiction books, though the format and style will vary.

  • Fiction novel outlines will include important storytelling aspects like structure, characters, plot, and themes. 

  • Non-fiction book outlines will include narrative aspects like topic clusters, concepts, and the intentional architecture of information.

Stave off the dreaded writer's block (or blank page syndrome) by knowing each step along the narrative path from your opening sentence to your closing.

Prices start at $225 for a 90-minute planning session.

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