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Coaching and editing for fiction and creative non-fiction writers and memoirists.


I am very satisfied, very impressed, with her editing. She is skillful and intelligent and has captured my spirit and feeling in the edited version. I want to compliment her on her thorough approach. I feel grateful.

Bob Skaleski, writer and memoirist

Language Line Editing

Refine your writing to make it as effective as it can be.

Line editing refines the language in each chapter, section, paragraph, and sentence to match your unique style and voice from the perspective of a scrutinizing reader.


A line editor looks at each line of your text to tighten up the structure of your prose and ensure your meaning or intent is clear and sharp. Language line editing analyzes word choices and syntax and how these may affect the mood or tone of your manuscript, as well as the pacing and logical flow of your writing to ensure it reaches your readers.


Language line edits come after developmental (or structural) edits to ensure the ideas in your head make it to the page, the language is tight and free of clutter, and your manuscript is ready for the sharp grammatical eyes of the waiting copyeditor.


Prices start at $450 for 10,000 words.

Sample edit of up to 500 words available.

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