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Coaching and editing for fiction and creative non-fiction writers and memoirists.

Manuscript Coaching

When you want a writing or revising buddy to get you through.

You want writing or developmental editing help, but you don't want a wall of redline text and thousands of track changes to sift through within your draft manuscript. Consider the buddy system!


Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, hands-off coaching invites conversation and collaboration about manuscript development, meeting reader expectations, your key message and how to improve it, the narrative and structural arc of your book.


Coaching helps you stay on track, work toward your goals by celebrating milestones along the way, and get you one step closer to publication. You receive ongoing guidance, support, accountability, and assurance while getting feedback on your manuscript that is reader-focused and author-kind.


Price is $175 per session*.

*Get a discount when you book a minimum of six coaching sessions.

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