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Coaching and editing for fiction and creative non-fiction writers and memoirists.


“Fallon’s developmental feedback is insightful, specific, and thought-provoking. I especially love how well she throws herself into the world of the stories she’s working on. If you write science fiction, fantasy, or anything speculative, you already know how important (and incredibly rare) this is for an editor to do.”

Beth Jordan, copywriter and author

Manuscript Evaluation

You finished your first draft but need help with revisions.

So you've finished the first draft of your fiction novel or non-fiction book, and you're approaching revisions. A manuscript evaluation can help you tackle those revisions logically and cohesively because it reviews the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript.

In your fiction novel, a manuscript evaluation provides notes and direction on readability, narrative arc, settings and imagery, character and plot development, pacing, and more. 

In your non-fiction book, a manuscript evaluation provides notes and direction on readability, structure and organization of the book, the flow within and between chapters, pacing, and the overall way you frame your arguments for readers.

When you want an editor's insight on how to revise and self-edit your draft manuscript to appeal to your target reading audience or need help making your manuscript publication-worthy and marketable, a manuscript evaluation can help you get there.

Prices start at $850 for manuscripts up to 80,000 words.

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