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Writing & Tarot: Scenario Prompt

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

This writing prompt presents a scenario for your character or characters to work through. Use when needed to shake off a writing hump and return to putting words on a page.

The Spread:

The following five-card spread details aspects of the scenario through which your character works to resolution.

1 - Scenario

2 - High Point

3 - Low Point

4 - Outcome

5 - Lesson Learned

The Meaning:

The 4 of Cups, Mixed Happiness, sets up the scenario for the character. The 4 of Cups is a water card intimately linked to emotion. It describes the possibility of growth from a beginning wrought with difficulty, a situation that appears dark or heavy. The 4 of Cups may prompt a character to find a moment of peace or balance and tells that growth is possible even in the darkest of circumstances. The 4 of Cups also reminds the character that action is a requirement for growth.

The high point of the scenario comes through the 7 of Wands, Courage, a card of fire, action, and movement. The 7 of Wands speaks about liberating oneself through courage and daring, even the courage to retreat. The character may use their power for transformation, but that may come with a side order of nervousness or hesitation. The 7 of Wands shows that while there are periods of negativity in the course of transformation, courage means having the will to push forward.

The low point of the scenario is presented by Aeon of the major arcana, a card of fire and action. Aeon may come with secrets, either kept or released, and speaks of finding optimism or renewal through the pain of change. Aeon represents a time when all things are possible, which can speak to necessary rebirth, or resistance to change. In some cases, this card speaks to new life, possibly a new life unacknowledged.

At the outcome, the 3 of Stones, work, presents. This card is representative of grounding oneself through work in whatever definition that takes. There is possibly fellowship with others and gaining satisfaction through one's work. While the 3 of Stones can have an undertone of work that is not going well, a period of laziness, or even unemployment, the 3 of Stones is a reminder that, through work, stability and satisfaction are possible.

The lesson learned through the scenario is presented by The Moon, another major arcana card. The Moon speaks to prosperity, peace, the imagination, a quality of dreaminess or surrealism, full of illusions and wonders. Through The Moon, the lesson learned is one of creativity. The character learns to find their creativity and believe in the power of their dreams. While the conscious mind may try to block the unconscious and force a return to the rational, The Moon gives the character permission to be irrational in pursuit of a greater level of happiness and achievement of knowledge.

When considering the scenario described, what character or situation comes to mind? How can you help develop the path from beginning to outcome to realize the lesson learned?

Happy Writing!


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