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Writing Prompts: Choose Your Own

Tarot readings are highly personal. And while a general reading may work well for some, it's nice to have options. So, this time, I'm trying something a little different.

Each of the cards below is paired with a stone. Choose the pairing that "speaks" to your energy.

Got it?

Now, find the prompt associated with your pairing!

The Hierophant / Lapis Lazuli

The hierophant is a person of spiritual authority, a leader who upholds traditions and established institutions. Paired with lapis lazuli, the wisdom stone, this pair suggests a force to be reckoned with.

Prompt: As a tech executive in a corporate environment where following the rules is the pathway to success, you discover a quirk in the system that could either destroy the company from the inside or elevate the company to monolithic proportions, depending on how you handle what comes next.

The Devil / Amethyst

The devil shows one's self-imposed limitations, the old fears, hang-ups, inhibitions, and manipulations one uses to satisfy needs. The devil is paired with amethyst, which enhances intuition, spirituality, and meditation. It is extremely protective.

Prompt: You wake up one morning with the ability to read people's fears, and you learn how to capitalize on your newfound power. But you soon lose the ability to discern reality from fiction and become obsessed with helping others overcome their fears while failing to recognize your your detriment.

Justice / Prehnite

Justice includes the weighing of factors to make a reasoned decision and requires balance. Justice is paired with prehnite, which is a healer's gemstone and evokes kindness and compassion. This is a pairing that asks you to trust yourself and take a balanced approach.

Prompt: You’re the civil mediator in a highly contentious divorce between two A-list celebrities. Both argue the other is unfit for parenting and request full custody of their children. The media's attention weighs heavily on your shoulders as you search for equilibrium while trusting your instincts to keep the children safe.

Like this writing prompt? Let me know in the comments.

Happy writing!

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