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Your Story Path

Each writing or editing adventure is a little different and depends on the adventurer you are and the level of guidance you like. Regardless of the path you choose, your completed or revised novel will be in your hands and one step closer to publication when we're done.

The right path depends on you! Choose your own adventure:

Start Your Path

Why Story Development Coaching?

I believe the best way for authors to get the developmental help needed is through conversation and collaboration, not redline. 


Your novel is a bit like a mewling newborn, requiring sustenance and nourishment to grow. But just as many new parents are wary of too many folks touching their babies, you may be wary of having too many hands touching your manuscript.

What if those hands aren't careful? 

I mean, what if you deliver your novel to a developmental editor who *gulp* fills your manuscript with horrid redline changes and so many margin comments you're immediately overwhelmed?

That's not my style.

Through story development coaching, I'll help you:

  • review the basics of storytelling to ensure your novel includes the scenes readers expect;

  • walk through your manuscript chapter by chapter to analyze how your story develops and how you can improve it;

  • assess character development and the best point of view to send your message;

  • learn line editing techniques for crafting distinct, authentic characters; and

  • refine and highlight your key message for readers.

And I'll be there to answer your questions, keep you on track to complete developmental edits your way, and get you to a well-crafted story ready for the next stage of editing on the path to publication.

If you want to pursue traditional developmental editing and haggle at your manuscript in frustration, by all means, do it. I won't stop you. Many great stories are developed that way.

But if the old ways haven't worked well for you and you're ready to try a new approach, I'm ready for you.

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